about MP-PM

MP-PM is founded by Maartje Heerings-Pouw. She has extensive experience working for professional event agencies and in 2012 she successfully completed the study of Management and Event support.

As of july 2013 she has worked at PAR Management and since then her interest and experience has grown in all areas of personal management specialising in the needs of the professional athlete, specifically the professional footballer and football coach. As the wife of a professional footballer, she knows that the life of an athlete can be hectic and requires a lot of organization.

Not only the life of a professional athlete can be hectic, nowadays everybody is busy with work, sport, family and friends. All modern families need help with the little things in life that consume so much of their valuable time. Sometimes you don’t have time to think about your administration, planning your child’s birthday party or driving your car to the garage. Identifying this need led to the creation of MP-PM to support busy (expat) families in making their life easier.

Maartje Heerings-Pouw is passionate about what she does, this is reflected in the sheer amount of effort she puts into her work. The greatest satisfaction she can experience is that of a happy client, and the same ethos and work-ethic is echoed throughout all of MP-PM.