About me

Mother, wife, manager of our family of four and experience expert with 5 relocations in the past 10 years.

About me 

Maartje Heerings Pouw

Mother, wife, manager of our family and experience expert in running a family of a professional athlete.

My name is Maartje Heerings-Pouw. I have several years of experience working for a management agency after studying for event management. Since then my interest and experience has grown in all areas of personal management in the needs of the professional athlete, specifically the professional football player and football coach.

During my husbands career, we have relocated over 5 times. Each time setting up a new home in a foreign country with unknown rules, regulations and cultural differences. From this experience, I know that the life of an athlete can be hectic and requires a lot of organization. I will facilitate setting up your new home in the Netherlands, so that you can focus on being an athlete.

I’m passionate about what I do, this is reflected in the sheer amount of effort I put into my work. The greatest satisfaction I can experience is that of a happy client, and the same ethos and work-ethic is echoed throughout all of MP-PM.

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